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Looth tooth

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about those Halloween pictures...

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Looth tooth

Helena was just complaining she had a sore tooth.
Upon inspection it appears to be loose!

Though she's quite nervous about the idea.

BTW I think I'm ditching the schutte house blog. May start again as something else

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

When did they change blogger?

So I was going to do some little update to say that yes we are still breathing when I discovered I had to jump through a few dozen hoops just to log into blogger.

I'm this close to heading over to tumblr
You hear me google?

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Friday, November 10, 2006

about those Halloween pictures...

From november pics

Yeah, I mentioned I'd post pictures from Halloween. Well, it turns out we only have a few. Seems again we sort of forgot to take the obligatory pics of the kids in their costumes. Click on the above pumpkin for some of the pictures we did get.

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Our ideas are better.

For the record I'm a self descibed left-leaning democrat. I'll proudly call myself a liberal and not surprisingly overall I'm pleased with the results from Tuesday's elections. Instead of gloating or sharing my opinions on what the election results mean instead let me share something a good guy I met a few years ago had to say a couple of years ago after the last election.

November 4, 2004

Well guys & gals,

This is it. This is how it feels a day after our efforts and hopes dissipated to the reality of four more years of George W. Bush's America. I say his America, because it certainly is not the America that I enlisted in the Marine Corps to defend. No that was for my America. An America that stood for justice, unity, thoughtfulness, and served as a beacon of light, a shining example to the world of how democracy should work.

So what now? Do we continue to wallow in the mire of depression? Do we allow ourselves to succumb to the feelings of fear and despair over the future of our Party, our ideology, our Nation? I've been searching for answers the past 36 hours. I click on the DNC's homepage and am greeted with only the concession letter Senator Kerry provided for his supporters. Even the ever outspoken Michael Moore has but a photo of George W. compiled with images of the fallen in Iraq. Our so-called liberal pundits are filling the airwaves with talk of reconciliation with the Republicans and the necessity of restructuring our party so as to appeal to "real" Americans. So here we are. Leaderless, without direction. Alone.

Alone? Well that's what the talk shows, AM radio, and the pundits would have you believe. But it seems to me that 56,000,000 of my fellow Americans voted the same way I did on November 2nd. That's nearly 4 million more votes than any Democratic presidential candidate has ever received. Alone? Hardly. 56,000,000 of us chose truth over lies and deception. We chose workers over the exporters of jobs. We chose the middle class and working poor over the wealthiest of the wealthy. We chose choice over the suppression of women. We chose healthcare for all Americans over the profits of the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. We chose blood over oil. We chose compassion and intellect over ignorance and stubbornness. We chose PEACE over War! We chose change.

Well, where do we go from here? As powerful as we were, we came up short, true. Do we now lay down and sacrifice our morale convictions to appease the right? Do we scamper off to lick our wounds? Or do we follow the example of the prize fighter that hits the mat, his head aching, ears ringing, face bloodied, but his will remains unbroken, and he climbs back onto his feet to continue the fight?

See, unlike George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc., etc., I know a little bit about war. And that knowledge reminds me that one battle does not win a war. Nor does it spell defeat for those that narrowly lost, lest they surrender. And I will not surrender this fight today or any other day. I will not cede OUR America to George W. Bush. We are 56,000,000 strong and OUR ideas are better. They're just plain better. They're worth getting up off of the mat.

God Bless you all and God Bless America!

Sean D. Huze

Marine Corps veteran of the war in Iraq

The only thing I would add is that winning feels better than losing.

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We're invisible!

Wow, this is weird.
individual posts show up, but the main page of In the Schutte House has gone blank. At least from my end.

Possible another Blogger screw up or perhaps I've miswired something on this end. Just because I can fix a refrigerator doesn't mean I can get everything to work all the time!

More later.

I hope.

Okay people was on this end. All is well.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November already?

Quick note -
Halloween went great, girls made out like bandits and will be on a sugar high for the rest of the week.
Helena informed me today that she has a boyfriend in her class.

apologies for the lack of posts again. I began writing an epic post describing my adventures in refrigeration repair but alas I've gotten hung up on editing and distilling it down to where it takes less time to read than the actual repair took.

If it rains tomorrow I'll post some trick-or-treat pics.

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